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Top 3 reasons why Branding matters!

When customers or employees look at your website, logo or website, what do they see?

Every aspect of your company says something about who you are and what you have to offer. Branding is important for every company to set itself apart from the competition and define its mission for both customers and employees.

Branding includes images, content, marketing, logos, website and other materials that might be used to define a brand in the eyes and minds of its target audiences. If you aren’t sure why branding even matters, then you need to consider what it could achieve for your company.

Here are our top 3 reasons having great branding matters.

1. Builds a loyal customer base.

When your customers finally choose to make a purchase, it is branding that will either make or break the relationship.

If your customers have a good experience that doesn’t just end with the purchase decision, then they are more likely to return for future buys. Loyal customers are more valuable, since your company only has to pay to gain the lead and get them through the sales funnel once.

Great branding makes customers want to remain with the company and then tell others about their experience. Customer advocates are the most valuable marketing tools your company can use to change minds and persuade leads.

Good branding focuses on “why” a company does what it does. If your company can present a solid case for why you are doing what you do, then your customer base is more likely to pay top-dollar for it.

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2. Supports Marketing and Advertising Efforts

Great branding can make it easier for employees to do their jobs. With a clear company message and personality, branding makes the job of the marketing and advertising teams easier by providing a backbone for their efforts.

Strong branding and content will establish materials that could be used by the sales and advertising team to support customer needs and improve the draw for new leads.

3. It improves recognition

Without branding, nothing is going to trigger your business and its products and services in the minds of your customers. You are simply another business looking to make your mark on the world with no concrete business plan. The truth is, by investing in branding, you can easily improve the recognition of your business.

All you need to do is think of a concept and have a chat to a marketing team to develop something that your business can be known for. It takes hard work and plenty of dedication, but brand recognition is important and can only be achieved through careful marketing.

How do you think the golden arches became a symbol for McDonalds? They didn’t just appear, and overnight become known for their golden arches. It took several years, planning, advertising and marketing. It also took branding and consistent repetition of that branding. It may seem like a long road, but branding can certainly help improve the recognition of your business.

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