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Best Logo Design Software

Best Logo Design Software – For Essex based companies

Best Logo Design Software; A great logo is what makes or breaks a great company. We often find ourselves trying to understand what our customers want and what we can do to put across the best possible brand experience.

It’s not just the designer that matters when it comes to your design you can find a designer that understands the creative aspect of branding but that does not mean it will be a hit with your customers.

When you employ an agency like 313 design to handle your branding and design needs, you can be sure that you will have the best possible experience and that us as an agency, will be able to target the correct demographic and ensure your graphic design will be attractive to potential customers.

The most important aspect of the design process with us as your agency chosen to infuse new life and spirit into your business, is, that you can be sure that with our knowledge in the branding industry alongside our marketing experience, we know exactly how to target your potential user base and how to use that to your advantage. By trusting our design specialists they will make sure that you whenever you reach out whether that be through social media, off-line formats such as the newspaper, or any other format we will always be hard-hitting and direct to your customer base.

Listed below is an example of some of our favourite design-based software and what we recommend as an agency. There is an abundance of different tools and different programs that will help to make life far more easier when it comes to designs.

You must remember, you can never beat the experience of a company that has been in the game for a very long time and understand the market. You must also remember that you can never beat the experience of an agency that has been in the game for a very long time and understand the market and demographic.

Find below what we consider to be; Best Logo Design Software

Top three tools you can use for your branding


Photopea Logo 313 Design
Photopea Logo

This nifty website allows you to edit websites on the go through the online design tool on their website, that very much reminds this design agency of photoshop, except it’s free and compact and even better.
This design tool works on practically every device, if you’re searching for a tool that can do most of the features you are looking for such as:

Magic wand

Background remover

General photo shopping




And more.

If so, Then this tool will be perfect for you and your business. This online website is great as a tool for newer businesses that cannot afford the marketing budget, especially for those doing social media posts by themselves and want to edit a photo quickly with simplicity and at the same time for free.


GIMP Logo 313 Design

Now, this is really incredible, what if I told you that this is a photoshop alternative for all the designers and agencies. Alongside that, the best part is that it’s FREE! and has almost, in fact, all of the tools that Adobe Photoshop has, sounds too good to be true? incredible right?

Now, the main difference between these two and the one listed above which is Photopea, is that you have to download this software on a computer like a Windows, Linux or Mac computer. This tool has so much support from the community and so many businesses are opting to use this tool instead of photoshop and it’s no surprise why. It’s perfect in so many ways for your agency or business. It’s great for your branding and logo design needs, including social media, posts, flyers, brochures, business cards and any other items you wish to create. Out of a lot of the tools we’ve used, we give this product a thumbs up and even a five-star rating because of how powerful yet free this program is.


MSPaint 313 Design

Yeah, yeah. you should have been expecting this as one of the free tools for branding and design for your business or agency. we all know this program and we have all come to love it for its “branding” and time killing usefulness. It’s pretty obvious this is the ‘ BEST LOGO DESIGN SOFTWARE ‘ wink wink! – We understand that some may not see it as a powerful tool and in some ways, it’s not, but we feel the need to have to add this to our collection because we feel that it’s too comical and two iconic to not include on this list today, for business and agencies alike. We all remember seeing our older siblings drawing on Paint and sometimes we would do the same if our Internet went out (We hope it doesn’t!)

But this tool can still be used when you want to do the occasional quick crop or tiny edit and you do not have anything else available but of course, this could be where PhotoPea comes in. Because you do not need to download anything and it can be accessed online on the spot, especially if you’re at a meeting as a business or agency. You can do all your branding and designing for your business all online which makes this tool very handy however we recommend if you wish to do anything a little more in-depth, then, you should download GIMP for the more powerful tools, however, we will leave this up to your discretion. Everything listed above however, could fall under the Best Logo Design Software banner.

Downloading the software, GIMP, allows you to customise a lot of the features such as downloading custom plug-ins or content created by others. This program was created for the intention of allowing others to contribute. This program, which is why as web designers and brand designing agency members, believe in being able to share with others. (including your beautiful designs and art)

313 Design
313 Design Logo

If you need to look into a strategy for dominating your industry, look no further than 313 design as your creative branding and design agency that can assist you far more than a free tool ever can. A free tool doesn’t offer you consultations or the ability to meet face-to-face so that you can discuss your next plan of attack and strategy. We understand your company moves forward and so does your branding. We want to help you with that goal and succeed so that we may succeed.

Remember to contact us on social media should you require any further help or perhaps, if you wish to share your amazing web design, branding or marketing stories. We as a design agency are always searching for wholesome happy stories so please do share them with us, it makes our day!

Click here for more information and on some of our design and branding projects or click here for information on the SEO and how SEO agencies work and what we do as a company when you employ us to assist you with your Web Branding efforts.

313 design is waiting to hear back on your thoughts and your next steps forward, together we can make a big difference to the Market and allow your customers to find your online presence as a professional representation of your offline business.

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