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Digital Agency Essex – How it affects your business

Digital Agency Essex – How it affects your business

Digital Agency Essex

Digital Agency Essex – As a business, how do you stay afloat and ensure the doors remain wide open? By ensuring that you continuously generate revenue. Seems pretty simple right?

We often hear the question “What does have a Digital agency do for me as a business’ – well that’s simple!

Let’s imagine that you have a fancy new website, courtesy of your creative friends at 313 Design, how do you ensure that website gets seen online and not just buried at the bottom of the pile of your competitor’s websites? You ARE competing with your opposition after all, but hearing phrases like ‘Keywords’ or ‘Pay-per-click’ make you see stars above your head in a cartoon-like fashion, it’s so confusing!

Digital Marketing Essex
Creative Digital Marketing is key to success!

Digital Agencies take the load off your shoulders so you can focus on the more creative and important aspects of your business

At 313 Design, we can take a project, like Essex Banners and by creating an effective and creative marketing campaign, we can increase customer engagement with your business, it’s that simple! below we list a short-list of some of the techniques used, try giving this a shot on your own website to get an extra shot in the arm for the SEO on your Essex company website! We can show you how creative 313 Design can be.

Prepare a posting schedule for your Social Media accounts:

digital agencies will always make sure you are set up on the latest Social Media platforms or those that generate the most ‘buzz’, examples of this include Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is also another great platform. Your business can benefit by constantly sending digital signals through Social networking sites.

Regular posting will help benefit your business by providing a direct line of communication with your customers; New offer coming up?! post it to your official Social Media accounts and reap the benefits!

313 Design provides you with the information you would find with a Digital Agency Essex

Reward your loyal customers with a creative digital newsletter subscription tool.

A digital agency understands the true value behind a creative newsletter program, businesses can often use these digital techniques to engage with previous customers and encouraging repeat business. Try sending out regular offers on Newsletters, encourage your customers to sign up to the newsletter by offering a special discount, everyone loves a discount and you now have a potential future lead!

Creative Tools:

Digital Agency Email Tools

Tools: Mail Chimp – Free options are available – 9,000 free emails per month, great for small businesses looking for a digital boost.

Moosend – Free options are available! – great customer service, lots of advanced automation options for the savvy, one of the cheapest options out there.

Getting your business information out to the public:

This is especially useful for new and fledgeling businesses. Once a company launches, we all wished we could stand on top of the tallest hill and yell out our products and services, unfortunately, some may not take too kindly to a yelling stranger and may react adversely…we have a better solution for your Digital agency and creative marketing needs.

You can post your website to directories and other websites online that allow potential customers to find you, information about the business and possibly more.

When you post your website to a Digital Agency directory, you will gain a backlink, the better the website’s Domain Authority and Page Authority (no spam websites though!) these come from, the more of a benefit you will get for your digital marketing.

Some examples below of websites you can sign up to for quality backlinks:

DoFollow Backlink – 48 Page Authority, 91 Domain Authority – 36 Page Authority, 84 Domain Authority – 84 Page Authority, 92 Domain Authority. – 85 Page Authority, 94 Domain Authority.

Digital Agencies and Social Media

Each of these websites will allow you to build quality backlinks from trusted websites and companies on to your website. A common mistake that is made by shady blackhat digital agency companies, is, the backlinks they generate for you are negative, this is due to the website URL being posted to spamming websites in order to increase your digital ranking in a short space of time. This can lead to your website being penalized in Google Search rankings or completely removed. There are very limited solutions at this stage.

Always ensure you hire trusted and creative SEO agencies and companies, otherwise, you may be placing your website at risk in the hands of a digital blackhat agency.

Your Digital Marketing is important, always ensure that you work closely with your creative Digital agencies to ensure that you are always reaching your expected target audience. A good creative digital marketing agency will be able to point you in the right direction by suggestion keywords or optimization strategies for the website.

and lastly for this article, if your business is looking at obtaining branding both online or offline, we’ve got your company covered! we can provide you with a list of items to truly complete your digital image.

We stock Flyers, brochures, leaflets, business cards, pens, mugs, stationery, letterheads, stickers, company uniform and so much more.

Creative Digital agency work tasks do not stop at backlinks, social media or content creation, your professional image is the most important tool you have in your arsenal. Always represent your brand at it’s very best.

You are representing your brand, be creative and think outside of the box.
We can have lead other companies to great heights, will you be the next?

If you want to find out what 313 Design can do as an agency to kick start your Essex based brand into gear, check out some of our other blogs, like this one here, or here and even our post over on Notion don’t forget to check our cheap Marketing and Hosting prices too!

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